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Since 1993

Selling Profile is an online preference profiling platform designed specifically for the sales industry.  Our intelligent software has been built using the core elements of the internationally proven DiSC profiling theory a​​s its foundation, with our uniquespecially formulated selling characteristic algorithms integrated into it to make our profile work specifically for the sales profession.


One of the biggest challenges a business faces is ensuring their people are aligned to the company's vision, strategy and goals. Effective alignment starts with job suitability. A salesperson who is in the wrong role will become a laggard, costing the company money and customers.

Since 1993

Selling Profile accurately identifies a person's preferred sales role based on their personal choices, i.e. you gain insight into their suitability for the role you need to fill.



Up to 80% of churn is due to incorrect hires
Harvard Business Review

Up to 150% of annual salary is the cost of an incorrect hire
Harvard Business Review