Sales Behaviour Assessment

Imagine Really Understanding Your Salespeople


Placing people in the roles they are most comfortable with massively reduces their risk of failure and improves your chance of success

Preferred Role

Quickly understand what their preferred role is, where they will feel most comfortable and natural

Management Style

Let them tell you how they would prefer to be managed, and how they in turn may lead – invaluable information

Characteristics & Traits

Insight into their natural competitiveness, attitude, drive, communication, attention to detail and more

Improved Staff Retention

People who are working in a role they prefer, that matches up to their characteristics, and in which they feel more natural, will have a much higher success rate.

They will be more inclined to stay with your company, increasing your success rate and reducing staff churn.

Consistent Performance

Salespeople who are comfortable in their roles will naturally perform better, and more consistently.

For example, if you place someone who is naturally Account Manager oriented (Farmer) into a New Business role (Hunter), you will create a stressful environment for that person and this will lead to unnecessary pressure, unhappiness and eventually failure.

It’s not that some people can’t sell, it’s rather that it’s simpy not natural for them to do it

Selling Profile will help you, through applying the insights gained by understanding someone’s Natural Profile, to positively affect your existing team, whilst enhancing your success rate with new hires

"The single biggest contributor to the failure of salespeople is the fact that they are placed in a role they are not comfortable with"

Lyman Porter – Dean of University of California Business School
Creator of the Porter-Lawler Motivation Model

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