Alignment and Success

Business Leaders are constantly trying to ensure their staff are all aligned to the company's vision, culture and strategy. This will help them to deliver against their company and personal goals, allowing everyone to grow and enjoy the company's success. Alignment of your salespeople to your strategy and goals is critical.


Job Satisfaction
The Porter-Lawler Motivation Model predicts that job satisfaction is determined by how an employee sees the value of the rewards they receive against the level of performance they deliver. Therefore, the value of the reward should help to drive the employee's effort they put into their work. This level of effort in turn influences the level of performance. Companies are investing a lot of money today in reward and recognition programs to help drive staff performance, but the key to unlocking this model is in fact not the value of rewards.

The single biggest contributor to the failure of salespeople is the fact that they are placed in a role they are not comfortable in.
Lyman Porter

Job Suitability
The key component driving the Effort-Performance-Satisfaction chain is job suitability, and this is often overlooked in favour of implementing a rewards system. If an employee is not suited the the job role they have been hired to fill, then there is a very high likelihood that they will not be aligned to the company's goals. This factor is even more critical in the sales area of a business, particularly when it comes to new business.

Where a salesperson is placed in a role that doesn't suit their abilities and traits, their role perception will lack belief and they will eventually start failing and become a laggard within the sales team. This will have a negative impact on the team, the individual, the sales leader and the company's financial goals. It is vital that companies understand the characteristics and traits of all their salespeople to ensure they have their roles filled accurately.

Salespeople are financially motivated to work to earn as much as they can

An excellent incentive plan is the motivational tool that will get results