What You Need to Consider When Deploying Homeworkers

Working from home does not come naturally to everyone. Your leadership team will need to be aware of the different traits in their people, and how to deal with them accordingly. You can't have a "one size fits all" management style for your homeworkers.

No organisation can assume that  having the right technology and processes in place  will lead to automatic success in moving to a remote working strategy. Get it wrong with how you lead your people remotely, and your business will suffer.

Change is something that creates an unknown and  destabilising effect on many of us. This is therefore  potentially very stressful, causing worry, anxiety and  in some cases, illness.

Most people  rely on structure, security and interaction with others.

We all have a unique set of  behavioural character traits. These traits form the way  we think and react to a range of situations. Accepting  they exist and identifying them in our employees  before commencing the move to homeworking, will  enable employers to put the right support systems in  place with a tailored set of tools and advice on how to  manage the change.