The Profile

Selling Profile is designed to give you insight into a sales person's preferred selling environment and role. It's not a pure psychometric analysis, and it's not an intelligence test. Quite simply, it gives you a better understanding as to a sales person's selling characteristics. Do they have the natural drive to perform a new business role? Can they fit into a team dynamic or do they prefer to work alone? Do they need lots of hand holding or can they function independently? Will they show initiative or do they need to follow a specific set of rules?

Out of 176 top Executives polled across leading companies, a staggering 56% believed their sales teams to be average, below average or very poor.
Accenture Business Survey 


Primary Characteristics
The Selling Profile will give you a unique insight into a person's sales personality, showing you how they will behave in a selling role. You will be given points such as persuasive, communicative, eager, independent, strong-willed and driven, amongst others.

Sales Style
You will receive feedback on the following areas: Opening the Sale, Fact Finding, Presenting, Closing the Sale, Their Sales Role and The Sales Environment.

Management Style
Learn about how they manage a sale, the sales process, and internal resources. They may tend to be very structured and precise, and like to be organised. They may be a natural leader, someone who is positive, persuasive and a natural motivator of others. This will also help you to understand how they prefer to be managed.

Key Motivators
Understand what drives your salespople. Do they seek autonomy in their role, or do they prefer to work within a structured framework? This will help you to see how they will potentially adapt to your existing sales team and selling structure.

Basic Fears
Gain insight into what may affect their performance. It could be that they struggle with rejection, or they don't like the spotlight.