Role Alignment and Motivation

Ensuring the salespeople you hire are properly aligned to the role you wish to fill is vital to your team's success and their ability to be motivated to do the job successfully. Selling Profile will help you to achieve this more accurately with key insights provided by your people.

Selling Profile - Role Identification


Each individual profile report will have a code that matches up to one or more of the roles listed. We will be able to show you if the person is a best match,close matchworth considering or not a fit for your required role.

Added to this, we can also offer a Motivation Analysis, where we will measure your current motivational climate within your sales team to help you understand how your salespeople feel about their roles and workplace.

The Motivation Report you receive is based on fifteen specific questions relating to the job role, the team, the company and their own personal involvement and commitment. We take the results from the Climate Questionnaire and formulate your report so that you can understand how aligned your team is.