Insight Beats Gut Feel

A Good CV or “Industry Experience” Is Not Enough




SUPERSTARSwind them up and point them in the direction you want them to go … no target is too big for them, they thrive on the challenge and live for the conquest … a rare breed

COREthe majority in every successful team, they are vauable cogs who consistently deliver at least 80% of their target without too much fuss … keep supporting them

LAGGARDSevery team has laggards, it’s the nature of sales … your goal has to be to reduce laggards to a minimum, or not have any at all … if laggards can be moved to core then your revenues will increase dramatically … typically, laggards are people who are placed in roles that don’t come naturally to them

Benchmark Your Team

Use Selling Profile to understand your existing team’s characteristics and traits and how they match up to performance … use this information to build the desired profiles for your roles

Hire Accurately

Once you have an understanding as to what your desired profile looks like for each role, use this to improved your new hire accuracy

Assess candidates before you meet them, stop wasting time on profiles that don’t match your criteria … reduce your risk of hiring failure

Success Through Insight and Understanding

Imagine having these insights at your fingertips, instantly

We were given a tough assignment to hire 32 new technical Salespeople for an engineering client. We held an all-day workshop event where all candidates were profiled and their reports were with us immediately.

This helped us to literally narrow the field that day, and then conduct final interviews in the following days. We successfully place the new hires within the client’s prescribed target timeframe, a very satisfying achievement.

Phil Shipperlee

Managing Director, Performative

I used Selling Profile for a specific project to hire candidates that matched a specific profiles that we felt would fit our retail store environment.

We successfully implemented our profiling strategy working closely with our Head of HR, focusing on characteristics we felt would be of value for branch managers and salespeople. We also applied it to our field sales team to gain better insight into their characteristics. Invaluable and very accurate insights.

Paul Bullivant

Commercial Director, Plumbase

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